Unique roof rack systems

Prime Design Europe offers a complete range of roof rack systems to meet your personal needs. Our flexible roof rack systems adapt to any requirements for safe and ergonomic transport of ladders and long objects on the roofs of LCVs and pickups.

AluRack is our basic rack, made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, and is available in several configurations - the ideal solution for LCVs and pickups. ErgoRack is the most ergonomic solution for transporting ladders on the roof of your vehicle.

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Safe transport          

Prime Design Europe presents a growing range of solutions for the optimal protection of your van during transportation.

Our computer-controlled machines produce floor coverings fitted exactly to the size of your van. Extremely strong, resistant to humidity, chemicals and scratches: our floors give your van the best protection possible. Our unique connection system makes easy and ergonomic mounting possible by one person.

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Fast, easy and unbreakable

Prime Design Europe Glassracks are ideal for the safe transport of glass and can be used for easy transportation of windows, façade elements, all kinds of plates and more.

Prime Design Europe Glassracks can be mounted on all vans, both large and small.

They can be attached to the side or the interior of a van, and even on the flatbed side of a pickup truck or on a trailer. For the interior, there are several models.

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Unique products for the emergency services

Prime Design Europe is the exclusive distributor in Europe and Africa of the products of FRC (Fire Research Corporation), the US market leader in the field of scene lighting, foam management and measuring instruments for fire engines.

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