1. What is the mounting time for a set of AluBars?
It takes +-30 minutes to mount a set of AluBars.

2. What is the mounting time for an AluRack/AluRack Construction?
It takes +-1h30 to mount an AluRack/AluRack Construction.

3. What is the mounting time for an ErgoRack?
It takes +-3h to mount an ErgoRack.

4. What is the mounting time for a GlassRack?

Fitting Glass Carriers Standard Outside Inside ECO Inside Standard Inside Pull-Out
  Hours Hours Hours Hours
Small Van 6 2 4 5
Mid size Van L1-L2 7 3 4 5
Big van L2H2 8 4 5 6
Big van L4H2 8 4 5 6


5. What is the capacity of the backdoor ladder?
The backdoor ladder has a maximum capacity of 100 kg.

6. Can I mount S-Clamp on other racks than AluRack?
No, the S-Clamp is exclusively for AluRack or AluRack Construction.

7. Can I combine different Prime Design Europe products with each other?
Yes. It is possible to combine an ErgoRack with a GlassRack etc. Contact us for more information.

8. I need a roof rack on which I would have to walk. Which van rack would be recommended in this case?
We recommend to choose an AluRack Construction if you need to walk on the roof of your vehicle. Extra safety barriers are also recommended if you need to stand for a long time on your roof. In this case it’s best to choose a Platform Rack.

9. Can I connect the cabin of my pick up vehicle with the hardtop in the back with one roof rack?
No, it needs to be split in order to avoid torsion.

10. Are there steel versions available of the roof rack product range?
No, we only offer high-quality aluminum van racks.

11. What is the advantage of aluminum in comparison with steel?
Aluminum is a lighter material, has a bigger loading capacity and doesn't rust. Thus the fuel consumption is reduced dramatically.

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