Safe glass transport with GlassRack

Transporting glass on the in- or outside of a van can be a delicate and even dangerous matter. Having more than 20 years of experience with glass loading systems, our technical team developed all necessary security systems to face the daily needs of a glacier. To secure glass or windows on the in-or outside of your van, Prime Design Europe equips its GlassRacks with a smart retainer bar system, which allows to secure every single glass plate precisely according to its thickness and size. Thanks to this intuitive glass attachment system, glass plates can be loaded and unloaded in a faster and more ergonomic way.

GlassRacks for every light commercial vehicle

Whether you have a small or a large van, an additional aluminum box attached to the vehicle or a flatbed van, Prime Design Europe always offers you the choice to customize your GlassRack in every single detail. Enlarge the loading capacity of your vehicle with an Outside GlassRack or choose for our most ergonomic Inside GlassRack, the Pull-Out Inside GlassRack. Discover all our accessories such as additional safety lights, ladders to load the roof rack and many more. Moreover, most GlassRacks are set up in modules which offer the possibility to mount one GlassRack on different vehicles.

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