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Keeping your glass plates safe on the inside of your van might be a risky business if you don’t store the glass plates correctly. Prime Design Europe observed the ergonomics of glaciers throughout the last years, and developed Inside GlassRacks which help you to reduce the time to load and unload the glass plates or Windows, keep the rest of your luggage safe and secure the glass.

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Prime Design Europe offers three varieties of Inside GlassRacks: the Eco Inside GlassRack, the Standard Inside GlassRack and the Pull-Out Inside GlassRack.

  • Eco Inside GlassRack: a strong aluminum profile with a reinforced bottom plate and straps to attach the glass plates.
  • Standard Inside GlassRack: a fixed aluminum rack equiped with a unique retainer bar system which keep the glass safe, independently of the thickness or size of the glass plates.
  • Pull-Out Inside GlassRack: a pull-out versión of the Standard Inside GlassRack



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