Protect your van with Prime Design Europe protection products

Not only the outside of the vehicle risks to get damaged by an accident, also the inside of the can be damaged by multiple reasons. Choose for high quality products to protect your vehicle and keep a high residual value for your van.

Floor and wall panels

Both your goods and your coachwork will benefit the best protection with our protection products for light commercial products. Sharp edges will no longer damage your load and the bodywork of your van will be protected from bumps and dents. Extra sound isolation and reduced resonance are guaranteed in the cargo area.

Steps for light commercial vehicles

Choose a safety step to prevent injuries and to damage the sides of the car by stepping on it.

Roof ventilators by Prime Design Europe

A good ventilation inside of your vehicle is essential to keep both the goods inside of the van and the driver safe: a roof ventilator can prevent that condensation blinds the driver and keeps the goods inside the van fresh.

Locks for light commercial vehicles

Automatic locks can keep outsiders from stealing your goods. Discover our protection locks for your vehicle!

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