AluRack: your roof rack of choice for every type of vehicle!

AluRack will fit on most vehicle types: regular vans with short or long wheelbase and standard or high roofs, pickups or utility trucks. The aerodynamic aluminium roof rack assures improved efficiency and safety in daily business. Adjusted to the existing roof design, AluRack gives the vehicle also a highly dynamic look.

AluRack specifications:

  • Light & aerodynamic design: The roof rack with its light anodized finish in an aerodynamic design follows perfectly the vehicle contour. Its weight of max. 20-30 kg is about 30% lighter than a similar steel version
  • Mounting points: Mounting an AluRack to the roof utilizes gutter or existing tie-in-points with or without channels, which can absorbe additional impact. Ideal for leasing fleets.
  • Crossbar options: The number of crossbars (available in two versions) is adapted to the length of the vehicle. An additional benefit is the better protection of the roof. AluRack Construction is the strongest version in the family. By using stiffer crossbars than in the standard AluRack, it improves the carrying capability for heavy duty challenges. The lightweight combined with structural stability allows to carry the maximum payload of the vehicles and even more. Despite the bigger size of the crossbars, silent travel and almost minimized fuel consumption are guaranteed.
  • Eco-friendly & Safe! 100% recyclable materials are easy on the environment.

Successful AluRack Crashtest

AluRack was challenged during a dynamic city crash test by TÜV Süd Czech Republic (DIN ISo 11154/attach. E). The roof rack was installed on a van roof and loaded with the maximum capacity of 181kg (rack's weight was 19kg). With the speed of 18km/h the test sled had a front-end-impact. The load and roof rack did not shift during the crash test and kept their position on the roof.

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