AluRack Accessories

Multifunctional accessories for your AluRack

Each van rack has its own purpose. Professionalize your car with additional accessories to adapt your working vehicle to your daily needs. Discover our range of accessories for the different AluRack roof racks.

S-ClampS-Clamp, the unique feature for easy and efficient transport of light step and extension ladders on low roof vehicles.

Every S-Clamp secures the ladder with a gas spring assisted hook. The hook at the front of the rack assists the operator to position the ladder on the roof rack. By using the handle, the hook in the back comes in an upright position and fixes the ladder for safe transport. No straps and ties are required. The use of a padlock prevents easy theft of the ladder.

An important effect is the reduction in handling time : the time to (un)load a ladder can be reduced from 240 seconds (4 minutes) to 20 seconds which is a reduction by 80%. This is an investment with a high ROI.

Clampable aluminium ladder

Discover the benefits of our backdoor ladder

  • Our new ladder guarantees optimum safety for the daily loading and unloading of your goods on our AluRack roof rack.
  • Thanks to a handy clamping system this light aluminium ladder can easily be installed by one person without having to drill into the bodywork. That way, your vehicle preserves a high second-hand value.
  • You can easily re-use the ladder on your next vehicle of the same type.
  • The aesthetic, light aluminium design is corrosion resistant and durable. On top of this, the low weight of the ladder ensures reduced fuel consumption.
  • The door ladder is currently custom-designed for the Ducato, Sprinter, Crafter, Boxer, Jumper, Movano, NV400, Master and Daily. Your ladder will precisely fit the dimensions of the rear of your company vehicle and will not interfere with your daily work. Soon it will be available for other models as well!

More helpful accessories for the AluRack roof rack solutions

  • Aluminium conduit tube

Aluminium conduit tube (2-5m long, 125 mm in square), lockable on both sides. Mounting with a bracket onto crossbars, so that the interior space can be completely used for loading.

  • Conduit tube bracket

Special round brackets to fix standard plastic tubes.

  • Beacon mounting bracket

With special mounting brackets the beacon may be mounted onto the crossbars.

  • Cargostops for AluBars

Cargostops to position long objects on the crossbars.

  • Roller for AluBars

The additional roller for easy (un)loading of long objects from the rear.

  • Roller for AluRack

The roller, which can be easily installed at the rear of the roof rack ensures comfortable (un)loading of long objects.

  • Platform elements

Aluminium ribbed profiles can be mounted on top of the crossbars to form a cargo platform (length 2-5 m, width 17cm)

  • Cargostops for AluRack

Adjustable cargostops to fix long objects on the roof rack.

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