AluRack for LCV

AluRack for light commercial vehicles: the original

Prime Design takes the basics in the world of roof racks to another level. Professional van racking systems have never been more light, ergonomic, ecological and good looking at the same time.

AluRack Construction for vans: the sky is the limit

Next to our light and flexible AluRack roof rack, we created a unique aluminum van rack which is both light and stiff enough to carry heavy loads concentrated on one spot one the roof. The reinforced cross bars keep the rack extra stable when a person stands on it, without touching the roof of the vehicle. Combine multiple walking platform panels to create extra walking space.

The perfect roof rack for your van

Prime Design Europe offers roof racks for both low and high roof vehicles of each brand, and extra accessories for each option. Call us for more information about our complete product range.

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