Ergonomic ladder roof racks for light commercial vehicles

Unlike other ladder racking sytems, which often load and unload the ladder from the back of the car with a rolling system, ErgoRack has a much lower impact on the lower back thanks to its side sliding methodology. Ladders are automatically secured after they’re turned onto the roof. No need to climb on the roof for a final fixation! In this way, the impact of the weight of the ladder is up to 2/3 lower for your lower back with ErgoRack in comparison with other ladder roof racks.

The benefits of the ErgoRack ladder rack system

  • Available for any ladder type: the ladder hook can be adapted to the size of your ladder
  • Auto Clamp: quick fixation on top of the roof
  • Mounting points: the ladder rack is mounted on the existing mounting points on the top of the roof, no additional drilling required!
  • Hydraulic cylinder: smooth turning movement, safe use of the ErgoRack
  • Safety protection against theft: close the ErgoRack with a lock
  • Ergonomic handle: turn the ladder on the roof in one easy movement without hurting your back.

ErgoRack: available in three editions

ErgoRack is available in three different side versions:

  • ErgoRack Q-Clamp: manual use, for ladders up to 55kg
  • ErgoRack Rotation: rotates ladders up to 35kg on the roof
  • ErgoRack Inclined: pushes ladders up to 55kg on the roof

Ladder rack accessories

Complete your ladder rack with our special accessories! Check the ErgoRack Accessories page or contact our team for more information

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