ErgoRack for hardtops

Special ErgoRacks for pickup vehicles with hardtop

Driving off-road brings you further than a normal vehicle. The same can be said about ErgoRack in comparison with a ‘normal’ roof rack. Make sure that you take care of ergonomics at work, and your pay-off will be much higher. The ErgoRack ladder system is unique in its kind, because it is not only available for regular vans, but also for any kind of pick-up with aluminum boxes or hardtops.

ErgoRack for hardtops: durability for off-road conditions

The ErgoRack for hardtop vehicles is adapted to the extreme conditions off-road vehicles are facing in nature. Thanks to the modular system, the ErgoRack can easily be repaired in case of an accident, because only the separate parts can be changed and not the entire rack. The durable aluminum framework keeps the ErgoRack in shape for countless years. Contact us for more information.

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