ErgoRack for pickups

ErgoRack for pickup vans

If you choose a pickup van, you choose for extra flexibility. It gets easier to drive off-road, and you have more transport facilities. A ladder is often too long to fit in the loading room of your pick up. To transport longer elements, such as ladders, you can build an additional ladder rack on top of the pick up.

Stay healthy with ErgoRack

ErgoRack is specially designed to keep the impact of the ladder weight on your lower back as low as possible. Even when they’re mounted on lower vehicles, such as pickups, regular roof racks prove to be too ‘basic’ for heavy tasks such as loading and unloading ladders from the roof of your vehicle. Take care of your health, and choose for an ErgoRack Q-Clamp, ErgoRack Rotation or ErgoRack Inclined!

Endless options

ErgoRack can be used for both ladders and other long elements, such as rescue gear. Contact our team for more information!

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